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*Combined Height - 358cm
*Suprisingly, Tobin is older.
*Countries Visited - 39 (not counting airports)
*Podcasts Hosted - 1
*Russian Orphans Saved - 3
*Unheard Voicemails on Tobin's Phone - 43
*ADDY Awards - 3 (2 Silver, 1 Bronze)
*Both own one sibling

We can do anything. Except cut hair. It's messy and, frankly, nerve-wracking. We enjoy horse racing and Bears football. Beunos Aires and Africa have a special place in our heart. We subscribe to INTERNATIONAL YAGHT and HARPERS. We love dumping our change in the machine at the grocery store. We would like to learn how to knit without looking and without a training frame. We think spelling is underrated. We frown upon people who can't parallel park and mispronounce "acai". We rally behind the rights of the worker. We never have the camera when we need it.
Filmakers, Producers, Directors, Editors, Marketers, Commerical Film, Interactive, Animation, Motion Capture, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Color, Photoshop, DVD Studio Pro, Shotgun, Temerity Pipeline, Polyscript, Excel, Sketch Up, Managed animation teams in Maya, Motion Builder, Intersense virtual camera, Vicon motion capture, motion tracking and solving, modeling, rigging, technical arts, and tool development. Experience with international outsourcing and establishing large -scale animation and motion capture pipelines from script, through final game engine integration.

thirtysevenclick is...
Paul and Tobin from ThirtySevenClick PAUL KLINKE 
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